Hey punks!

I would really like to take this opportunity to inform you that my debut album titled: Rhythm Popsation – KwaiTech is due on 23 March 2018 on iTunesApple Music & Amazon respectively.

I know it’s been a long time coming, but I can truly assure you this – it was worth the wait! Talk about the best production I’ve accomplished, yet.

The album will consist of 13 tracks in total, including:

  1. 2027 (intro)
  2. Early Morning Rising (lounge music)
  3. Le Mpolellang (up tempo heavy Rock/ KwaiTech tune)
  4. Digital Everything (mid-tempo Rock/ KwaiTech tune)
  5. O na le mang (mid-tempo house/ KwaiTech tune)
  6. Tsala (Afro-Pop tune)
  7. Journey To Saturn (Acoustic tune)
  8. Realove (R&B/ Classic tune)
  9. Tshwarelo (Afro-Pop/ Classic tune)
  10. Can We Make Love (R&B tune)
  11. Shorty (Acoustic tune with techno effects)
  12. Naledi (Acoustic/ Afro-Pop tune)
  13. Le Mpolellang: Radio Edit (censored up tempo heavy Rock/ KwaiTech tune)

Talk about the most unique, fresh, not-so-compressed, crystal clear, digital, balanced album you’ve ever heard. And I’m really proud to even own it myself. Perfect for your CD collection. It truly doesn’t disappoint.

Every track/ song got it’s own story to tell in it’s very own unique way. Nothing was unnecessarily repeated on each track. Even the effects (especially vocals) differ from track to track. Really proud to boast about it, especially since I produced it myself. So I truly know what I’m talking about.

Relax: the official link for my album I’ll announce as soon as the album is officially available. Just simply wanted to take this opportunity to give you a glimpse of what to expect on the album. So just stick around or even connect with me on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Or even email me here: holamjipa@gmail.com.

Thank you for tuning in…

Available on iTunes & Apple Music on 23-03-2018


I’m so excited to inform you guys about my debut album called: Rhythm Popsation – KwaiTech, which is due on the 23rd of March 2018. To help me celebrate, I’ve decided to provide you with a link for you to get a chance to download my samples to give you a glimpse of what to expect.

All I’m asking for is your honest opinion about your thoughts of the experience, to help me improve as an artist. Looking forward to your honest response already. But for now – please kindly click on the link I’ve provided below:

Rhythm Popsation – KwaiTech (Teaser Album)

See you there and thanks in advance…

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Ladies and gentlemen. I’m deeply honoured to mention that all my singles are now available on Amazon and other digital stores including: iTunes, Google Music, Deezer and many others… It’s a beautiful day!

Click on the pics below to get your copy today:

For only $0.99/ single

Get it on ITunes today!

Thanks in advance!

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Laid back Pop/ Rock/ KwaiTech track.   Release date: 12/01/2018. Platform: iTunes. See you there… 😎✌

Email: holamjipa@gmail.com

Copyright © George Mokaila.

Things are getting better lately I tell yah.  From iTunes and Apple Music to streaming on Spotify – wow!

Actually it’s kinda cool, especially since not everyone uses iPhone anyway. So go ahead and have a listen at my tracks on Spotify on the links provided below… *wink*


Harcore Rock in Setswana

              Listen/ Stream here!


Laid back electronic lounge

     Listen/ Stream here!

Let me know what you think on the links below:

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Copyright © 2017 George Mokaila.

Copyright © George Mokaila.

My long-awaited two singles are officially available to purchase as well as download on iTunes. This is the greatest day of my life so far!

Recorded with utmost professionalism and passion – I’m very proud to say that this is the experience you don’t wanna miss. From Hardcore Rock on “Le Mpolellang” to futuristic Instrumental on “Early Morning Rising”, you really gotta get yourself a copy or at least give it listen. You won’t be disappointed I PROMISE!


Visit the links below to experience:




Listen/ Buy Now!



Listen/ Buy Now


Please send me your thoughts as well as comments on these links below:

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Copyright © 2017 George Mokaila.



Hardcore Rock Tune in Setswana


Refreshing laid back electronic instrumentation

RELEASE DATE: 02/12/2017


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, I know. For a good reason I promise. Two singles from my upcoming album: Rhythm Popsation – KwaiTech will be available on iTunes on the abovementioned date.

From Rock in Setswana to an uplifting electronic instrumental, this will definitely be one of the most refreshing as well as unique album you’ll ever own. Which is why I’m so excited to finally get this thing rolling punks!

The official link to iTunes for puchasing will be made available hopefully soon. Keep in touch for more scoops as well as my final single before officially finalizing my long-awaited debut album –

Exciting times ahead…

Check out “Le Mpolellang” sample here:


E-mail: holamjipa@gmail.com




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